Customers' testimonials

Customers' Testimonials

Backyard feeding and bird watching provide lots of joys for us. Smart bird feeder makes it possible that we could get notification whenever birds visit the feeder. And the HD camera ensure the clarity of pictures and videos of every captured bird visitors. Below are the testimonials of happy customers and nice pictures they are glad to share with you.

Dr. Michael C
"We are very pleased with our bird detective camera feeder. It does require good wifi which we have. The clarity of the pictures is amazing and we have some really good closeups of chickadees and cardinals and (unfortunately) a squirrel. The app alerts us to the time of the bird visitors! Then we can check the Event Playlist and see a picture of him. On the SD card, it's nice because it tells the date/time of each video clip.
Dr. Michael C"

Close up pictures are shared by Dr.Michael C.

Picture of Chickadee

Picture of Cardinal



"It is working great and we really enjoy the feeder."


"We love the smart feeder.  We have lots of fun having those closeup pictures and videos. But it did require good wifi otherwise you will get notification from the app all the time, poor connection. We have wifi repeater which will be helpful."



  • Ed Nagy

    Can I turn the camera off to save battery life?

  • Ed Nagy

    How do I get the Smart Bird Feeder camera to identify birds? How do I get it connected to Wikipedia?

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