What is a smart bird feeder

What is a smart bird feeder

Feeding birds in backyard is one of the most common ways people engage with wildlife across the world. There’s estimated report that about half of households in the America, the UK and Australia feed birds in their yard. Feeding wild birds in backyard help birds survive the winter, which boosts bird populations and reproduction. It’s reshaping bird communities and bird behaviors. As for human being, it’s enjoyable and relaxing to feed birds and watch birds.

Common Bird Feeder

Bird feeder is a container with bird food that people put in the outdoor to attract birds visiting and watch birds. Back in 1950s, people have fed birds with kitchen scraps and homemade feeders. There are more types of bird feeders on the market due to the increased commercial activities.

Generally speaking, there are five kinds of bird feeders: ground or platform, hopper, hummingbird, tube, and suet. Ground  or platform feeders have screened bottoms to stop seeds from spilling and attract the large birds but should not be used if you (or your neighbors) have cats. Because, cats are dangerous to birds. Hopper feeders are more durable, bird-friendly, which could hold a large amount of bird seeds. Hummingbird feeders usually are filled with sugar water and placed in the shade. Tube feeders are the most common type and attract small birds. Suet feeders are usually hung from poles to attract less common birds such as woodpeckers, bluebirds, and goldfinches.

The most headache for these kind of bird feeders is that you don’t know when birds stop by or getting close. Let alone taking picture of it or sharing with your family or friends.

Smart deck bird feeder with camera

Therefore, smart deck bird feeders with cameras are sure the next popular product in bird feeding and bird watching, which have so many benefits to us. It can capture close-up pictures with birds with its discreet camera.

Smart bird feeder is one of the few that is explicitly designed with birds in mind. Smart bird feeder is made of common bird feeder, high resolution camera and AI technology, which notifies you of bird visiting, bird recognition, App application, etc. It has enhanced bird lovers bird watching experience up to the next level.

With this feeder design, birds will automatically be attracted to the camera, which is ideal for close-up bird pics. The smart bird feeder is capable of taking close-up pictures of birds while not making them afraid of it. Just fill the feeder with feed and pictures will come easily.

This type of feeder offers significant benefits over other types of bird feeders, it could save you a ton of time that you spend watching your bird feeder to get various of birds coming to feed. Taking Bird Feederco’s smart bird feeder as example, it will notify you of every bird stops by, features Wi-Fi connectivity and remote App control. You can watch birds through your smart phone wherever you’re. It will be an excellent option to get one in your garden.

This camera uses wifi connectivity to transmit images and videos to your smart phone.  With a few taps on your phone, you can enjoy a live stream of your favorite birds via HD camera.

Smart bird feeder seamlessly integrate bird watching, feeding and bird recognition with technology. This innovation in bird feeding and watching has been a game change for many bird lovers and uplifted birding experience for them.

Let’s imagine you see a rare bird stop by your bird feeder, you’re very excited, however, that bird finishes eating and flies away before you grab phone to picture it. Or much worse, you don’t notice it stops by!

However, with smart bird feeders, you can relive and review the moment over and over.

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