8 Unique bird feeders in your backyard

8 Unique bird feeders in your backyard

Bird feeding and bird watching in backyard are quite common nowadays and are a great way to connecting to nature. However, you may want to find some unique bird feeders you haven’t seen before, which could be pretty cool stuff. Below are the 10 unique bird feeder that you could have or great gifts for your friends and family.

Bauhaus Bird Bath/Bird feeder-VT4


This will be most modern and simplistic bird feeder for your garden. It is a tall bird bath/feeder with geometric shape sleek in landscape to attract feathered friends. You can change treats with seasons for optimal winged activity, and use as a double-deck bird bath for more splash time in warm weather, while use it as a feeder is winter.

Modern bird bath/feeder is with unique and classic design which withstands the elements beautifully for year round use. The fly-through bird feeder design make it simple filling and cleaning. There are ample space for birds to perch, dine, splash and preen. 

Smart Bird feeder


Smart bird feeder is by far the most intelligent and unique product on the market, which would notify your of every bird stop by your feeder and also be able to recognize over 10,000 bird species. It will be a great of joys to receive those surprise notification from your cell phone. This smart bird feeder is quite easy to use. It comes with bracket and screws, which you could mount it on the wall or tree barks. It’s sure that you can also mount on the deck rail as long as there’s space to drain holes holding the feeder.

As for the AI part, downloading the APP to your phone or tablet, connecting the WIFI with your birdfeeder through your phone or tablet, that’s it! You can start your trip collecting pictures from your feathered visitors!

Garden angel hanging bird feeder


This angel bird feeder adds sweet character while enticing feathered friends to your place. It not just functions as a bird feeder, but also a great decoration to your garden with its beautiful design.

Unique feeder features a graceful angel holding umbrella and flower with a hanging birdie to brighten your backyard.

Its open dish design will be easy noticed by birds from long distance, and it’s for sure it will attract a wider variety of birds. At the same time, the umbrella acts as weather-guard to protect food and birds from the elements. More importantly, there is ample drainage to keep the bird seeds dry!

Tree face bird feeder


Tree face bird feeder is the most buzzard product that I have seen so far. This whimsical, face-shaped bird feeder is water proof and could hangs directly on a tree bark. It’s quite easy to use, just hang it onto any tree bark you like and fill the mouth with bird seeds. After that It’s certain that you are having a unique bird feeder that also keeps your backyard birds happy.

Mod Bird Bath/feeder on pole


This sleek pole mounted bird bath offers more option for fresh water or treats to your feather friends. It’s also a good choice in the landscape because of its simplistic lines look fab. You can put various kinds of food with seasons for optimal avian attraction, or set up a double-deck bird bath for splash time in warm weather. It’s very easily use as a feeder for year round, and glazed stoneware bowls are weather-proof.

Exhart spinning ferris wheel bird feeder


You might looks for some colorful birdfeeder to attract those beautiful feathered friends. Well, this colorful exhart spinning ferris might be the one you’re looking for. This colorful ferris wheel style bird feeder is with 5 feeding stations. As a bird lands on one of them, the wheel spins with the weight of the bird. This is pretty cool and outstanding! It stands about 8 feet off the ground which will be a great spotlight to any garden or backyard bird feeding station. Exhart is famous for making unique artsy bird feeders.

Bottom’s up whimsical gnome bird feeder


This novelty feeder will be a perfect gift for gnome lovers and fairy garden aficionados.  It’s more than a bird feeder, which also could be a pretty decoration to your backyard. You can see that a cheerful gnome lays on top of a red mushroom, down there, it is with a tray for birdseed. Well, as you can tell that’s not a size for large birds, and you also need to fill up quite frequently. However, it still is a perfect feeder for any type of seed or mixed in nuts and dried fruits.

Cool cat stoneware bird feeder


Fun ceramic cat bird feeder is perfect for any kat enthusiast.There is with some whimsical charm to feed birds using this cool kat feeder, considering cats are curious predators. It is made of durable stoneware which is frost proof and weather resistant. It’s easy to fill and clean due to a large rubber stopper at base. It’s downright funny to watch birds eating and perching on this unique feeder.


Those are the 8 unique bird feeders in all styles to attract and please your feathered friends. Just create a simple oasis in your garden with the addition of a new bird feeder or two. As a nature lover, wild bird feeders make excellent and long-lasting gifts bringing daily joy and happiness to us.


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