How do birds find out new bird feeder

It's quite common to see this kind of questions in the birders’ forum “How do birds know there is a bird feeder?” After you buying a new feeder, find a good spot to hang it up, then you’re quite anxious to have birds visited.

Birds won’t show up immediately once you place the bird feeder. However, they will find out through their way eventually.Birds search seed by using their excellent eyesight and listening to the other birds. There is a certain territory for birds and they will constantly search foods and investigate new objects within their territory. Therefore, once they locate a feeder as their food source, they will keep coming back for food.

 Can birds smell bird seed

Birds are mostly looking for foods through their vision, because most Birds have poor sense of smelling. It will be hard for them to use sense of smell to find food. Because birds only have 3 conchae, which is same as human being. So birds do not use smell to locate food or to tell if the see is good quality or not.

It’s safe to say that most of the backyard birds you have seen are not relying on the smell sense to search seed.

However, birds have excellent sight vision, and they can locate food from far distance.

Will birds tell each other where food is

Well, Yes, Birds do communicate through their own way. As we all know, birds are signing and chirping all the time. Let’s see, what they’re talking about. We know that’s a mating call, which is a form of communicating. Birds will call to warn danger of predator. Baby birds will squawk from the nest when they’re starving. Therefore, we could believe that there’s a calling when they find the food source. Though we don’t know what they’re talking about, in birds’ language, they’re communicating with their species about food and security stuff in their own way.

Will birds find my bird feeder

Birds have quite good eyesight, which enable them to locate food from far distance.

As birds are always looking for food within their territory, they fly around or stand on the perch looking for food source. If you have taken the necessary procedures to make sure that birds will find your feeder, then they will be there eventually. It might take days or weeks for that to happen. There are several advice that can help to get birds notice your feeder.

 1.Place your feeder in a safe spot, within about 15 ft from the ground

2.Please remember to scatter some seed on the ground that near your feeder to help them see the new food source more clearly

3.Please use good, high quality bird seed. It ensures the healthy of the birds and also important to attract them back to your feeder in the future.

4.If you have had a feeder before, please hang the new one near where the old one was, which is easy to get birds notice of the new feeder.

5. Make sure there’s always good quality seed in your feeders

How long does it take for birds to find a newly bird feeder

Birds are very curious creatures, they are always looking for foods and they are always looking around to escape danger. They constantly explore new objects. Therefore, It might take days or weeks for birds to find your feeder if you have done all the necessary steps as I mentioned above. Just be patient and they will find you feeder in a few days.


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