Important tips for choosing deck bird feeder

Important tips for choosing deck bird feeder

Bird watching is a new way people could connect to the nature from their own home. It’s always comfortable to watch bird and feed bird from your comfortable home. However,  not everyone can has a backyard to place various bird feeders. Some might not have yard or it’s tiny, they might want to place the bird feeder at the balcony.

Here are some ideas that might be helpful to pick up the right deck bird feeder.


What is deck bird feeder

A bird feeder is a device to placed outdoor providing food to birds. It has different designs based on various placement and features. A deck bird feeder is a platform feeder attaching to the deck railing, which gives you easy access to filling and bird watching.


Types of Deck bird feeders

If you have a balcony with a deck railing that would be perfect to attach a feeder to, but you will need something to hang the feeder from. All you need is a good railing clamp and you can use any bird feeder you want. We have basic guides for various bird feeder, if you are newbies want to learn more information before purchasing.

Here We will introduce several types of deck bird feeders and talk about how you can have feeders on a small deck with no yard space attracting birds to your feeders.


Wall Mounted Bird feeder or Deck mounted bird feeder


If you are able to drill into your deck or side of the property, you can consider a wall-mounted bird feeder. This can hold up to 15 lbs and can swivel 360 degrees so you can angle it just where you want for maximum viewing.

With this type of feeder, you can be more flexible to mount it on wherever you can have perfect spot, like on the deck railing, or wall, which is free of squires.


Clamp-on Deck hook with mount bracket


The clamp-on deck hooks are easy to install, if you have the right type of deck railing. Because it won’t sit well unless you have the flat surface. Therefore, please make sure that your deck rail is flat one. It usually clamps onto horizontal deck rails, which can hold up to 15 pounds. It will do no damage to the deck and doesn’t need to drill holes. As it can hold up to 15 pounds, You should be able to hang almost any style of feeder you like from this. As always, read the description before purchasing to make sure this will fit on your deck railing.


Universal Pole Mount Clamp-on deck rail 

This kind of deck bird feeder pole is with more flexibility since it uses screw mount bracket arms or wide clamps to attach to deck. That’s where this universal pole mount can come in pretty handy. One side will clamp onto a vertical railing “leg”, and the other side can clamp onto a pole of your choosing.

What’s more, It doesn’t need to drill holes to the deck, which will do no harm to the deck.

It’s perfect choice for someone don’t want to drill holes on their deck and get it up in a convenient way.



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