Bird Feeder Pole
Bird Feeder Pole
Bird Feeder Pole
Bird Feeder Pole
Bird Feeder Pole

Bird Feeder Pole

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  • 1296 HD Night-Version Camera & Built-in Microphone
  • Real-Time Notification & Device Sharing
  • Introduce a squirrel whistle feature, offering both automatic and manual whistle options
  • Intelligent Bird Recognition
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Bird Feeder Pole Main Features

1) The bird feeder pole is made of high-quality stainless steel with anti-rust coating. It's designed to use  outdoors for a long time.
2) It comes with 3-prong base + Reinforced double-deck. It stands deep into the ground.
3) Screw topper: Much firmer support the bird feeder for outdoor.
* Material: Stainless steel & Aluminum
* Heavy Duty 3-prongs & Reinforced double-deck

Freely Adjustable Height

The total height of bird feeder pole is 52.7 inches( include the base), Each bird feeder pole has 5 extender poles that can be adjusted as you like.

Perfect Design

Designed to prevent squirrels, widely used in the backyard, courtyard, garden, patio, lawn, flower bed, or any other outdoor area and close to the feathered friends.

Easy to use & Install

Fixing the 3-prongs base & reinforced double-deck, adjust the different heights install the bird feeder mounted on a pole.

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Include 1 X 1080P HD camera, 1X Bird Feeder, 2 X 18650 Battery, 1 X Bionic Branch, 1 X Metal Bracket, 11 X Base Accessories, 1 X USB-C Charging Cable, 1 X Screwdriver, 1 X User Manual.


Machine Algorithms: More than 100 tags class by “Deep learning” and “Visual computer algorithms” such as bird size, color, feather pattern, sound wave.

Bird Recognition: BirdFeederCo smart bird feeder knows who’s in front of the camera. Whenever bird stops by, it notifies you instantly, even at night time.

Bird Face Memory: It keeps records of every visiting bird and will tell you how many times it stops by.

Built-in Microphone: The build-in microphone, not only let you enjoy the lovely sound of your feather friends, but also a source for our smart bird feeder to recognize which species it is.

Introduce a squirrel whistle feature
Super Clear Image

Ensure fluency with a 3 million pixel, 1296p high-definition resolution for smooth and stable video
Introduce a squirrel whistle feature, offering both automatic and manual whistle options to empower bird lovers with tailored choices based on specific conditions

Bird Species Recognition

BirdFeederCo will recognize all the birds stop by as it’s equipped with artificial intelligence. Connecting with Wi-Fi, it will tell you where it comes from and all information of it.

Never miss out any visiting bird

BirdFeederCo will give notice whenever birds stop by. It’s always those rare notifications that make you feel better! With a built-in HD camera, you can enjoy a vivid image from your comfortable home. The built-in HD camera capture pictures of visiting birds automatically, so even if you missed it, BirdFeederCo will enable you enjoy it with the history playback function.